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Chris and Cillian's Manwich's


I talked about it with one of my friends, and we had decided to make it for this weekend, where our residence floor was having a potluck. We decided to skip all of the greens and healthy things, and go right for the meaty goodness.


Now, I don't think that we beat your manwhich, but we made a pretty damn good one. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at a normal sandwhich the same again. They're just so small... pitiful... and not bursting with meat. We made two sandwhichs. Each one contained three burgers, 7 strips of bacon, many *censored*tail weenies, several slices of turkey, and ten slices of processed cheddar cheese. One of the sandwhiches also had four fried eggs on it. In total, I would gander that they beat the total calories of the manwhich, but they were two seperate sandwhiches. They were absolutely delicious. The advantage to our sandwhich was that you could actually fit your mouth around it, but only by kinda squishing the sandwhich, and just barely. The person shown in the picture eating the sandwhich is Cillian. Total cost of making our two heart attack sandwhiches: 40$ CDN and one fire alarm (involving several fire engines).

- Chris and Cillian
McGill University Students Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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