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The 8500 Calorie Manwich

On the 29th May 2004, James decided to build a sandwich. This is his story (From

I'd been studying at Warwick University in the UK, and I had just finished my Computer Science finals (I'm now doing a PhD in Edinburgh). I went out and got drunk, had a nice lie in and bought a couple of new games in town, but I just didn't feel totally liberated.

So I decided to build an enormous f*****g sandwich. Inside this affront to God would be an enchilada, some garlic mushrooms, burgers, sausages, assloads of cheese and some good old HP sauce. I put in a bit of salad as well to even out the bad stuff.


Building the manwich:

Below are pictures of the building and the eating (click for full size pics). I had to use skewers to keep the damn thing upright, like the Millennium Dome.

Everything that went inside, including an enchilada inside the top layer and a healthy bit of salad to balance out the mountains of cheese and meat.

Initial preparation of the manwich.

The finished manwich. In real life, the knife is scarily big and is kinda like that one from Scream.

The first slices of what looked like a 26-slice marathon. They went down really well, an awesomely tasty mash of cheese and sauce and meaty goodness.

The next couple of slices 2 hours and 6 hours later (explaining the change of clothes). By this time I'm starting to regret pledging to eat this damn f*****g huge monster sandwich.

I'm saving the rest for breakfast tomorrow (around one and a half kilos left) once I make some space, in the traditional fashion. I'd like to hear if anyone else has stories about cooking enormous mountains of food...

Note by Doug
James did in fact finish this sandwich on the 2nd day. It had begun to smell up the fridge with the garlic mushrooms and all. He began by mining all the meat out, then ate the cheese, and finally finished with the bread.

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